"Almost a year ago, we laid out our concerns about the possibility of a parcel tax for the Los Angeles Unified School District, especially after the school board placed a bond measure on the November 2008 ballot asking for — and receiving — billions of dollars more than it needed to build and refurbish schools. None of that money can be used for actual operation of the schools. To remedy that situation, the district has placed another tax proposal on the June ballot, Measure E, which would raise $92.5 million a year for four years by taxing each parcel of land in the district $100 a year. But few of those earlier concerns have been adequately addressed. We recommend a no vote on Measure E."

"It's hard to say no to schools that have been forced to lay off teachers and shorten the academic year. But these days, it's equally hard for many homeowners to pay an extra $100 a year in taxes.   ..."